These drawings are, and are about, inter- and intra-corporeal experiences. We are interested in the derangement of the body through illness, grief, love, and desire. Through the surgical inquiry of drawing – taking line as a scalpel and paper as skin – we seek to trouble the objective demarcations of internal and external. Through collage, we transplant tissue, lifting the skin from one body and grafting it onto another. We remove and resection, augment and implant. With our fingers gloved in latex, we administer chalk pastel to paper. 


Living subjects cannot see themselves in full. Through our work, we disclose to each other what we cannot see of ourselves. We re-envision both through the inhuman gazes of iPhone and endoscopic cameras, which recognize no distinction between the raw meat of us and our embodied subjectivity. Our (conflicting, conflicted) accounts of self and other are interleaved in the drawings. Such a body can never be intact and is always inchoate. The immense scale of the work should serve this end, enabling the body to take the form of an emerging order that organizes itself before and around the viewer. In the mutability of paper and chalk, these bodies are not objects. These bodies, as all bodies, are processes.