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Ghislaine Fremaux and Lando Valdez are a collaborative partnership living and working in the Texas Panhandle. Both are principally pastellists, but are also painters, and each claims portraiture as the center of their artistic universe. Together, their work concerns the sensuality of grief, the medicalized subject, the experience of surgical intervention, and desire (and the concomitance of all of these). They undertake the ideational development and technical execution of each piece collaboratively, often drawing shoulder-to-shoulder, or in frequent alternation. The drawings follow from long conversations about their own relationship, the visual cultures of medicine and religion, and the responsibilities of figurative art.

Individual CVs are available upon request.



Corpus Secretum (body secret), seven-week solo show of collaborative work, Program Gallery, Arts Fort Worth, Fort Worth, TX (FORTHCOMING)


More is Never Enough, international, juried and curated by Triton Mobley, Field Projects, New York, NY 

INDA 15: The 15th International Drawing Annual, Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, international/juried publication, Cincinnati, OH (FORTHCOMING)


Unmasked: Contemporary Portraiture, national, juried by Jessica T. Smith (Curator, Center for American Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art), Long Beach Island Foundation, Long Beach Island, NJ

Collectivity + Collaboration, Vol. 5, Southwest Contemporary, regional (southwestern)/juried publication, selected by Darren Jones (US editor-at-large for New Art Examiner and regular contributor to Artforum)

#1 Artsin Square Exhibition, international/juried, virtual exhibition via

Full Circle, invitational, group exhibition curated by Giulia Livi and D'Nae Harrison, Zoller Gallery, State College, PA


12th Annual Drawing Discourse, international, juried by Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrumvirtual and in-print exhibition, University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville, NC


Models in Motion, international, juried by Jim Morphesis, virtual exhibition via San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center, Encino, CA 


Thick, ShockBoxx Gallery, national/juried, Hermosa Beach, CA 



Repose, virtual group exhibition curated by Leslie Moody Castro, via Artists4Artists


Paint: Medium as Power in a Time of Crisis, international, juried by Juana Williams (Curator, Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI), Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY


Salina Biennial: Contemporary Art from the Mountain Plains Region, regional, juried by Ksenya Gurshtein (Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, KS), Salina Art Center, Salina, KS



Third Place, conferred by Dr. Jessica T. Smith, Unmasked: Contemporary Portraiture, LBIF, Long Beach Island, NJ


Best in Show, conferred by Jim Morphesis, Models in Motion, San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center, Encino, CA


Second Place, conferred by Ksenya Gurshtein, Salina Biennial: Contemporary Art from the Mountain Plains Region, Salina Art Center, Salina, KS



Anderson Center Residency Program, August 2020, Red Wing, MN



Charles Adams Studio Project, Work Studio B, Lubbock, TX



Visiting artists (lecture presentation, critique, and panel discussion), Department of Art, University of Texas El Paso, El Paso, TX


CASP Blue Party Fundraiser, Lubbock, TX



CASP Blue Party Fundraiser, Lubbock, TX



CASP Blue Party Fundraiser, Lubbock, TX


Blue Party 2018


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